Alex Witkowicz 

Documentary Cinematographer | Denver, CO

Alex is a Denver-based cinematographer focused on documentary and docu-style productions. 

He excels in challenging situations, and has produced work inside hurricanes, during invasive surgeries, and in remote mountain environments. He has worked on television series, documentary films, breaking news, and has a background in traditional photojournalism.

Alex is an adaptable cinematographer that is comfortable working as a one person crew, including as a field producer, or as part of a specialized team, and has strong crew relationships across the Rocky Mountain west.

He has worked as the MultiMedia editor for Skiing Magazine, and was a founding partner of Gociety, an outdoor adventure social network. He has been shooting professionally for 11 years. 

Please see my reel, read more about me, or contact me to discuss how I can help bring your story to life. 

2017 Reel + Films

American Harvest – Frame Grabs + Trailer

CNN Heroes – Film & Frame Grabs

142 Miles From Monday – Director & Cinematographer

Norway Expedition

SKI Magazine

Telegram & Gazette


Product Photography



On the Campaign Trail

Ski Racing

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