Alex Witkowicz 

Documentary Cinematographer | Field Producer | Denver, CO  

Alex is a Denver-based cinematographer and field producer focused on documentary and docu-style productions.

He excels in challenging situations, and has produced work inside hurricanes, in the operating room, and in remote alpine environments. He has worked on television series, documentary films and breaking news. He has a background in action sports photography, and was trained as a newspaper photojournalist in Massachusetts.

He has worked as the MultiMedia editor for Skiing Magazine, and was a founding partner of Gociety, a VC-funded outdoor adventure social network. He has been shooting professionally for 11 years. 

Reel + Short Films + Client Work

American Harvest – Highlight Reel
Role: Cinematographer/A-Cam, Field Producer

Hurricane Irma & Harvey - Highlight Reel
Role: Camera Operator, Field Producer

GatorAide; documentary short
Role: Camera, Story, Editing

142 Miles From Monday; documentary short
Role: Camera, Story, Editing

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