Alex Witkowicz

2020 Documentary Reel

This reel showcases my talents as a documentary DP and field producer covering a large variety of challenging projects.

Troubled Teen Industry

Vice News Tonight

Utah & Colorado

Journey to Justice 

Al Jazeera

Panama & Bolivia

Early Release

Denver, Colorado

Tommy Caldwell: Extreme Climbing

HBO Sports
Estes Park, Colorado

Food Insecurity

VICE News Tonight
Lafayette, Colorado

Poetic Justice

 CNN Heroes
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

CNN Heroes
West Texas

American Harvest

Chevrolet & CarbonTV
Minnesota, South Dakota

Racist Graffiti

Denver, Colorado

Male Athlete Eating Disorders

HBO Sports
Boulder, Colorado

Naturalization in America

CNN Heroes
Reno, Nevada


Independent Film
Southern Colorado


CNN Heroes
Paradise, California

Hurricane Harvey  + Hurricane Irma

The Weather Channel
Florida, Southeast Texas

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