Alex Witkowicz

How Deaf Students Adapted to School During COVID
Vice News Tonight

Role: Director of Photography

School has been incredibly difficult for students during the coronavirus pandemic, but it's been even more challenging for deaf students.

We filmed this piece at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, observing the challenges of teaching deaf children who rely heavily on lip reading, who were, at the time, wearing masks all day at school. What stuck with me the most was the enthusiasm these young students had for overcoming this new challenge presented to them, rather than viewing it as a setback, they seem to have all collectively risen to the occasion.

Another aspect of this story I really enjoyed was the choice made to let each subject "speak" for themselves using sign language in the final edit, rather than dubbing over them. It proved to be an effective method for sharing the genuine personality of everyone we interviewed.

Produced by Jika Gonzalez and Jaclyn Skurie.

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